Choice & Direction-Chapter 9

On every corner of light and darkness there is a choice in your direction. You are the driver, an open door to your wisdom centre. You are here to fly!

Do not deny what you have inside. Love is for the brave and strong … to release your fears and trust your inner guidance. Trust your instincts.

If you show kind interest in others and invest in their growth, everyone grows exponentially. Giving is never an empty act because it returns many gifts to us.

Fear gives way to love, to laughter and peace. Feeling into the loneliness and fear of another and taking their hand and walking with them is love.

When we lift others, we are also lifted. You will feel alive and awakened to life and its possibilities. Be willing to fulfill your own personal mission, to come alive and dance to your own tune. It is an exciting time to be alive.


Turning Around-Chapter Six

Into the far past or far into the future, it is disaster and purification. Life will go on with continued raising of consciousness. Miracles can happen. Each one of us is needed to play our part. Move and be moved every moment of the day. Waking up requires heart, courage and action. We are worth saving on this planet and there must be a turn around.

Caring is critical – opening to reality and being moved. We cannot afford to be numb. Be in touch with your natural inclinations. Standing for something is movement forward. It is to stand in your own power. Raising our collective power can create massive change.

We can be saved by cooperation, by turning around and recognizing that we are all One. We are the same at a deeper level of reality – whether it is human, animal, plant or off our planet all together. The universes operate on love, peace and beauty. We are here to elevate our vibration.

It is simple really, to see love everywhere, to act always with kindness, to share, to care to do what is right for our future and our survival. Love can and will change everything; it is turning to each other, slowing our pace to feel, to care and be there The earth will heal when we do. Turn right, take right action.


A Poem … Smile Wide

Seeing involves the heart, seeing into a heart
is a gift, a responsibility to be kind, to have
all doors open. We cannot rely on our mind to
open a heart. Subtlety is essential here. And now.

You have a sacred mission that does not follow a
straight path. Straight and narrow does not fit
our spiritual journey. Do not be discouraged if the
path is unclear and all appears lost. Life bounces
back and forth, high and low. You move to universal
timing. Love is never lost even as edges are frayed.

Take me, dance me into the most revealing song, the
unspoken story of what is on its way. Your knees will
bend for the whisper of a prayer, the power of faith.
Take a chance, enter the center of mystery. Smile wide.
You have power to grow within, open to a broader
perspective. After all that has been said: Be just you.


Truth, Trust & Kindness

This excerpt is taken from my manuscript: Love: The Fabric of Creation

There is no match for kindness. It simply involves being fully in your own skin, at ease and seeing under the skin of the other. Find the deepest breath and heartbeat of the other. You may become a friend and partner to wisdom. Life is not about the skin and surface but what is hidden beneath. Be curious and be persistent. Truth is there to be found in the crayon box, beyond thought, beyond emotions and life long stories.

There really is no fast outside track, no frantic search within. It is in letting go of all that is not truth. All that falls away is not truth. It asks for dedication and commitment. Truth opens the door to deep satisfaction. The treasures that can be found are profound.

A seeker of truth is humble and follows the path of right action, dignity and love. As you grow more and more into the safe arms of trust, love and truth, your own light shines brighter. Your essence, your spirit shines brightly.


A Renewal of Human Potential

Taken from Chapter10: Creating New Worlds

Try to imagine every person, every living thing in a state of its fullest capacity. Can you see this – a world where we design, create and contribute to our full potential? In order for some of us to reach this place, we need to let go of our ego which keeps us in fear, in our smallest self. Ask yourself what it is that you need to let go: the narrow and demeaning self-image. Because it is letting go that brings everything we need. It is the kind sharing of our gifts with others that causes the same to be returned to us.

We are at our greatest and best when we remember that all of us want to be appreciated, to be seen and nurtured. It is very simple really. What we want for ourselves, we give to others. Demeaning your natural talent does nothing
for you or your family. Step up in your own way. Do not allow fear and smallness to defeat you when joy and fulfillment awaits.

Look around at others who are sharing their own unique skills and awareness. They simply share with others who they are and what they have come to know. Give our deepest and strongest effort to be willing to step out and step up to our best selves. Be willing to walk away from our comfort zone. Be willing to stand and to speak, to take another’s hand and step forward. It is all within us. Will you say “Yes?”


Connecting to Our Source of Power

You are at the heart of noise and the centre of peace. Light and darkness shine together.There cannot be one without the other.Our lives are the same. One season gives way to the next. There are doors closing and opening.Energy flows to and follows through. It is yours to claim.

Love is dynamic, vibrant and a force for change. It lifts us; it leads and carries us in new directions. Love is a strong motivator. Our universe works with motion. Love is not static.Who says that love is not kind? IF THERE IS NO KINDNESS, THERE IS NO LOVE. Do not be fooled by pretense.Love is lived successfully in our authenticity, our unpracticed and egoless state of being.

If we begin to lose our power … we have lost our connection.Silence and meditation can take us there, prayer may take us there if we listen.We open a space in our hearts and lives for guidance to be given to us.


Following Truth

Life does not have to be a battlefield. It can be a bed of roses. Now, mind you, roses have thorns. Life will always be a balancing act and our perception changes how we see, what we see and hence, our response. It can be the difference between being a victim to a victor.

It really is up to you. All change begins with you. It takes a strong desire, trust and persistence.Usually it takes more than a superficial interest for your life to change direction.Learning to love yourself requires letting go of all that we are not. It is to shed what is not true and not you.You then can see that you are a precious soul, a creation of the divine, with many bright stars shining within you.

-From my 215 page manuscript titled Love-The Fabric of Creation

Hello from the trees and me.