Keeping ourselves open to possibility is keeping this moment, this hour and this day open to a new experience of Self, to wonder and surprise. We do not have to decide what is on the other side of this thought or sensation.

We can ask ourselves if tried is always true and create a new inner landscape; be the architect of our lives. Let us transform in this moment with an altered perception and a fresh perspective.

Playfully and lovingly, we prepare for the unexpected as we raise our vibration through compassion for living beings, in form and in spirit. Our colors rise like the rainbow after a rain, and the light is invited to replace pain with open space, non-judgement and love.


Poems from a manuscript related to growing up in Nova Scotia


We stand in the rivers fork near the bridge.

It was dusk on that evening when we dared

to remove our clothes and dive in the river.

Reunions challenge us to open our memory banks

we had long ago locked away, knowing the stories

will open the doors of sweet memories and regret.

The childhood school: no longer apple red is scabbed,

peeled, with a faceless, vinyl add on. There is no

laughter, recess songs, no dread of the strap. I turn

and run the bases all the way home. I am the hero of

this final game.

The Meaning of Color

She lived all the colors n the crayon box taking what

she needed to paint each day.

When circles of women kept her outside, she colored

them in shades of gray.

The pious sat in front row pews while Pansy chose

purple and dance hall shoes.

Rewards were measured in laughter and in pain,

happiness was a color she didn’t chase down.

Being herself was enough renown.




Poetry from my recent manuscript titled-In My Backyard

Swan Lake


Standing within this silence and dense fog,

I see nothing. Civilization is closed and time

is warped.


Water slides over rock like the hands of a

masseuse on my back. Foam curls and slaps

the sandy shores that hold the delicious

knowledge created through centuries of intimacy.

I turn and blush.


The silence sings in a pale-yellow pitch; fog fairies

capture me as they flirt in dance, tickle my



Marsh grass has fallen to the weight of lovers, and I

heed a call to make a bed with nature. In this place,

ghosts of fairies glide over you, and just when you close

your eyes, they dance Swan Lake on your belly.


Rural Pride

Every Thursday, the half-ton truck backs into

our muddy driveway, doors open like the

nostrils on our mare.


On cold white walls hang pork chops, sirloin

and roast – the meat that  sings, makes no

apology for the high-priced tags, dripping blood

while we lust, reach out but dare not touch.


“Stew meat and hamburger go a long way, wieners

are good with my baked beans,” she says. With not

much money, it’s another week we won’t go hungry.









Catching Up

Hi Everyone:

It has been several weeks since I have written a post since I had almost 200 poems to edit and prepare for possible publication. I categorized 75 poems as ‘assorted’. The rest are what I consider to be inspirational and/or spiritual.

The assorted poems( with four separate themes) relate to growing up and living in NS. The title of this manuscript: In My Backyard is with a NS publisher. As an industry standard, it may take another 5-7 months before I hear from them. Here’s hoping…

I plan to send the 110 inspirational/spiritual poems to a few magazines that do consider/accept poetry.

I am sharing the last paragraph of one of my inspirational/spiritual poems that is titled:

What Stands Loud

Let us be an intimate friend with our deepest desires,

our lifelong dream that we cannot seem to leave behind.

This is not the time to reason or to delay and, whisk away

our passion that has walked with us for many years. Take

the steps to open your heart. Save yourself; save the world.







Answering the Call-Chapter 10

Where are we now in the bowels of fortune, of fortunate times, of presentation and renewal of love in action, layer after layer of goodness and giving? It is a time of openings, involvement and evolution, stretching ourselves beyond boundaries, of going to the edge of Now, of learning beyond the known and into the New.

It is not about seeing or knowing, but about opening to deeper, opening to hearing what wants to be said. It is for the youngest of us and the elders. We bring our hearts and voices to the stage, answering the call, willing to believe and ready to write what must be put on the page, today.

Will you remove the blinders and face the light ahead, the brilliance of your own ideas and your ability to create a change that changes you and your neighbors?

Love is infectious, it spreads beyond borders and bodies, above greed, loneliness and pain. We can stretch beyond little fears to find points of light that will carry us exactly where we spread our wings.


In the Shadows

Time is immemorial and memorable.

There is no sense in waiting for the sun

to open when the sky is gray, and you

stay past your personal presented time.

Fall into the shadows when the rainbow falls,

much can be learned in darkness, even as we

choose to avoid or even deny its value to

our soul’s growth. Go ahead into the void,

the deep, dark silence that can save you,

open your heart and cause you to sing with

the birds. You will stand within the midst of joy

as you accept what stands before you. Give

thanks, and watch for the jewels of wisdom

to arrive at your feet and in your heart. Smile.


Just Rise and Stand

Do not count the times you fall, just rise, and stand. Stand in what heals you, all that leads you to extend your hand to a future friend. We are of each other, standing within our purity, our open heart. Call in your strength, wisdom, and personal power. Claim your power so that you may share when called to save a moment. Display a shower of empathy, look in her/his eyes and share this very real moment.

Love is found where your light reaches out to extend kindness and kind thoughts. You are the guide and way shower because we have all been touched by love. We have walked with love, and love  has carried you when you  could not walk alone.

Be an eager student of honesty, humility, and choice. Care and fall for the chance to demonstrate your ability to soar high, and to always find your way home. Darkness is never without light nearby. Green is always there, somewhere, waiting to be found.

Merry Christmas Everyone



Quotes from : Love is the Fabric of Creation

LOVE- Let love be the answer for everything…All things that are made can be changed.

GRACE & JOY- Perception defines our experience … Express delight in being alive.

SOUL & PRESENCE-Look at what satisfies our longings….What do we value?

TRUTH & TRUST-There is no right or wrong. There is only the truth. Shed what is not you

ALL ABOUT LOVE-Love is the strongest force in our universe. Love is never unkind.

VIBRATIONAL-Caring is critical. Cultivate higher frequencies with forgiveness & giving.

Creating New Worlds-Reality is much bigger than we have imagined. Prepare for the future. There is an absolute need for our planet to evolve. Difference is sacred.

Purpose& Service-It is always wise to do your very best to love and support your fellow life-travelers. It has its own rewards. Each of you has a calling to use your highest natural talent for the highest purpose. Be kind.



Be Just You

To whom is the snail obligated, other than just to be a snail? Be just you, fully human, using your chakra centers to filter incoming information. It is vital to keep your energy systems stimulated.

You are here to learn and expand in knowledge, awareness and compassion. If we show kind interest in others and invest time in their growth, everyone will grow exponentially. Giving is never an empty act because it returns many gifts to us. Love has wide open eyes and ears. We have nothing to fear as we open more to love and compassion. Fear gives way to love, laughter and peace.

When we lift others, we are also lifted. Love is a circle. Show who you are. Sing your song; be yourself- your bigger self. Trust in what your instincts tell you. Life meets you halfway. Take chances that feel a little scary.It will be worth it!


Connecting to Our Personal Power

Energy flows to and follows through; it is yours to claim. Silence and meditation can take you there. Open a space in your heart and life; ask for guidance.

Find what works for you – to open to beauty, to a deep inhale and exhale to the sun and summer breeze. Shutting down is not an answer.

What do you cherish and hold dear to your heart? It may be what is sweet and pleasant. We do not evolve without difficulties and lessons to be learned.We are all in this game of life and growth.

You are no more and no less than any great person who has lived or now lives. Open the door to your personal power. Contribute your skills, talents and dedication; you shall receive.