Catching Up

Hi Everyone:

It has been several weeks since I have written a post since I had almost 200 poems to edit and prepare for possible publication. I categorized 75 poems as ‘assorted’. The rest are what I consider to be inspirational and/or spiritual.

The assorted poems( with four separate themes) relate to growing up and living in NS. The title of this manuscript: In My Backyard is with a NS publisher. As an industry standard, it may take another 5-7 months before I hear from them. Here’s hoping…

I plan to send the 110 inspirational/spiritual poems to a few magazines that do consider/accept poetry.

I am sharing the last paragraph of one of my inspirational/spiritual poems that is titled:

What Stands Loud

Let us be an intimate friend with our deepest desires,

our lifelong dream that we cannot seem to leave behind.

This is not the time to reason or to delay and, whisk away

our passion that has walked with us for many years. Take

the steps to open your heart. Save yourself; save the world.







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