Answering the Call-Chapter 10

Where are we now in the bowels of fortune, of fortunate times, of presentation and renewal of love in action, layer after layer of goodness and giving? It is a time of openings, involvement and evolution, stretching ourselves beyond boundaries, of going to the edge of Now, of learning beyond the known and into the New.

It is not about seeing or knowing, but about opening to deeper, opening to hearing what wants to be said. It is for the youngest of us and the elders. We bring our hearts and voices to the stage, answering the call, willing to believe and ready to write what must be put on the page, today.

Will you remove the blinders and face the light ahead, the brilliance of your own ideas and your ability to create a change that changes you and your neighbors?

Love is infectious, it spreads beyond borders and bodies, above greed, loneliness and pain. We can stretch beyond little fears to find points of light that will carry us exactly where we spread our wings.


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