Just Rise and Stand

Do not count the times you fall, just rise, and stand. Stand in what heals you, all that leads you to extend your hand to a future friend. We are of each other, standing within our purity, our open heart. Call in your strength, wisdom, and personal power. Claim your power so that you may share when called to save a moment. Display a shower of empathy, look in her/his eyes and share this very real moment.

Love is found where your light reaches out to extend kindness and kind thoughts. You are the guide and way shower because we have all been touched by love. We have walked with love, and love  has carried you when you  could not walk alone.

Be an eager student of honesty, humility, and choice. Care and fall for the chance to demonstrate your ability to soar high, and to always find your way home. Darkness is never without light nearby. Green is always there, somewhere, waiting to be found.

Merry Christmas Everyone



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