Quotes from : Love is the Fabric of Creation

LOVE- Let love be the answer for everything…All things that are made can be changed.

GRACE & JOY- Perception defines our experience … Express delight in being alive.

SOUL & PRESENCE-Look at what satisfies our longings….What do we value?

TRUTH & TRUST-There is no right or wrong. There is only the truth. Shed what is not you

ALL ABOUT LOVE-Love is the strongest force in our universe. Love is never unkind.

VIBRATIONAL-Caring is critical. Cultivate higher frequencies with forgiveness & giving.

Creating New Worlds-Reality is much bigger than we have imagined. Prepare for the future. There is an absolute need for our planet to evolve. Difference is sacred.

Purpose& Service-It is always wise to do your very best to love and support your fellow life-travelers. It has its own rewards. Each of you has a calling to use your highest natural talent for the highest purpose. Be kind.



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