Connecting to Our Personal Power

Energy flows to and follows through; it is yours to claim. Silence and meditation can take you there. Open a space in your heart and life; ask for guidance.

Find what works for you – to open to beauty, to a deep inhale and exhale to the sun and summer breeze. Shutting down is not an answer.

What do you cherish and hold dear to your heart? It may be what is sweet and pleasant. We do not evolve without difficulties and lessons to be learned.We are all in this game of life and growth.

You are no more and no less than any great person who has lived or now lives. Open the door to your personal power. Contribute your skills, talents and dedication; you shall receive.


2 thoughts on “Connecting to Our Personal Power

  1. Louise Campbell says:

    Oh Jeanne, great guidance for these most challenging times. ‘ especially like the part about we are no less than anyone else alive or dead.


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