Turning Around-Chapter Six

Into the far past or far into the future, it is disaster and purification. Life will go on with continued raising of consciousness. Miracles can happen. Each one of us is needed to play our part. Move and be moved every moment of the day. Waking up requires heart, courage and action. We are worth saving on this planet and there must be a turn around.

Caring is critical – opening to reality and being moved. We cannot afford to be numb. Be in touch with your natural inclinations. Standing for something is movement forward. It is to stand in your own power. Raising our collective power can create massive change.

We can be saved by cooperation, by turning around and recognizing that we are all One. We are the same at a deeper level of reality – whether it is human, animal, plant or off our planet all together. The universes operate on love, peace and beauty. We are here to elevate our vibration.

It is simple really, to see love everywhere, to act always with kindness, to share, to care to do what is right for our future and our survival. Love can and will change everything; it is turning to each other, slowing our pace to feel, to care and be there The earth will heal when we do. Turn right, take right action.


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