A Poem … Smile Wide

Seeing involves the heart, seeing into a heart
is a gift, a responsibility to be kind, to have
all doors open. We cannot rely on our mind to
open a heart. Subtlety is essential here. And now.

You have a sacred mission that does not follow a
straight path. Straight and narrow does not fit
our spiritual journey. Do not be discouraged if the
path is unclear and all appears lost. Life bounces
back and forth, high and low. You move to universal
timing. Love is never lost even as edges are frayed.

Take me, dance me into the most revealing song, the
unspoken story of what is on its way. Your knees will
bend for the whisper of a prayer, the power of faith.
Take a chance, enter the center of mystery. Smile wide.
You have power to grow within, open to a broader
perspective. After all that has been said: Be just you.


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