Truth, Trust & Kindness

This excerpt is taken from my manuscript: Love: The Fabric of Creation

There is no match for kindness. It simply involves being fully in your own skin, at ease and seeing under the skin of the other. Find the deepest breath and heartbeat of the other. You may become a friend and partner to wisdom. Life is not about the skin and surface but what is hidden beneath. Be curious and be persistent. Truth is there to be found in the crayon box, beyond thought, beyond emotions and life long stories.

There really is no fast outside track, no frantic search within. It is in letting go of all that is not truth. All that falls away is not truth. It asks for dedication and commitment. Truth opens the door to deep satisfaction. The treasures that can be found are profound.

A seeker of truth is humble and follows the path of right action, dignity and love. As you grow more and more into the safe arms of trust, love and truth, your own light shines brighter. Your essence, your spirit shines brightly.


5 thoughts on “Truth, Trust & Kindness

  1. Louise Campbell says:

    Jeanne, your message is so timely , especially in this time of disclosure of the TRUTH of what is really going on here . Thank you for sharing . It reinforces my intention to be fearless with a big dose of kindness , particularly for those who are just beginning to awaken to the truth .
    Much love


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