A Renewal of Human Potential

Taken from Chapter10: Creating New Worlds

Try to imagine every person, every living thing in a state of its fullest capacity. Can you see this – a world where we design, create and contribute to our full potential? In order for some of us to reach this place, we need to let go of our ego which keeps us in fear, in our smallest self. Ask yourself what it is that you need to let go: the narrow and demeaning self-image. Because it is letting go that brings everything we need. It is the kind sharing of our gifts with others that causes the same to be returned to us.

We are at our greatest and best when we remember that all of us want to be appreciated, to be seen and nurtured. It is very simple really. What we want for ourselves, we give to others. Demeaning your natural talent does nothing
for you or your family. Step up in your own way. Do not allow fear and smallness to defeat you when joy and fulfillment awaits.

Look around at others who are sharing their own unique skills and awareness. They simply share with others who they are and what they have come to know. Give our deepest and strongest effort to be willing to step out and step up to our best selves. Be willing to walk away from our comfort zone. Be willing to stand and to speak, to take another’s hand and step forward. It is all within us. Will you say “Yes?”


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