Connecting to Our Source of Power

You are at the heart of noise and the centre of peace. Light and darkness shine together.There cannot be one without the other.Our lives are the same. One season gives way to the next. There are doors closing and opening.Energy flows to and follows through. It is yours to claim.

Love is dynamic, vibrant and a force for change. It lifts us; it leads and carries us in new directions. Love is a strong motivator. Our universe works with motion. Love is not static.Who says that love is not kind? IF THERE IS NO KINDNESS, THERE IS NO LOVE. Do not be fooled by pretense.Love is lived successfully in our authenticity, our unpracticed and egoless state of being.

If we begin to lose our power … we have lost our connection.Silence and meditation can take us there, prayer may take us there if we listen.We open a space in our hearts and lives for guidance to be given to us.


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