Following Truth

Life does not have to be a battlefield. It can be a bed of roses. Now, mind you, roses have thorns. Life will always be a balancing act and our perception changes how we see, what we see and hence, our response. It can be the difference between being a victim to a victor.

It really is up to you. All change begins with you. It takes a strong desire, trust and persistence.Usually it takes more than a superficial interest for your life to change direction.Learning to love yourself requires letting go of all that we are not. It is to shed what is not true and not you.You then can see that you are a precious soul, a creation of the divine, with many bright stars shining within you.

-From my 215 page manuscript titled Love-The Fabric of Creation

Hello from the trees and me.


3 thoughts on “Following Truth

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  2. Louise Campbell says:

    Oh Jeanne , your timely message is very true. Keep sharing these very important messages as humanity needs this wisdom as guidance through these particularly challenging times of change .


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