Giving Love

This excerpt is taken from Chapter Seven: Creating New Worlds


Love is a force, a vibrational pattern. It bears repeating that if there is no kindness, there is no love. If we lived with love and in love, there would be no violence, because love has no borders.

We have great trouble on earth detaching from our emotions, many of which are a lower frequency. As we learn to let go and move into ” what is”- we vibrate at higher levels. We see and feel differently. We act more generously and are ready to listen. we are more gracious. Life should lift us higher, always. Our choices can take us there. We can choose to see beauty, talent and grace and invite it into our  lives. We can even create it! Let us all be a force for love. We give it in order to get it back; there is no need to fight to receive it. This is a universal law that most of us still need to learn, really learn. We cannot demand love. It simply flows back to us after we give it away.

Be happy and happiness builds in your life. Choose giving of yourself and you shall receive. Love and be loved. It is simple, is it not? We clean our own house, our history and free ourselves of pain and we have more within ourselves to give. Let us help each other. Let us be kind. Let us care and share.




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