New Personal Power- Chapter Eight

Each One for All

Is it time to learn from the past? What can we say that will illuminate your thinking? Life in this world has been cruel and difficult. It has often been man conquering man to rule and control evermore. Today we have the illusion of having control and freedom. What is freedom? It is freedom from having to go to war, being free from heavy and dark anger that takes us into violence and prisons.

We wonder how much violence is due to a perception that we are helpless. Many people on earth behave as though they are captured and need to escape, as though everything has been taken away and they need to take it back.

It is difficult to measure pain and loss. It seems that many people feel as though they have no power. We also see many who are now uprising in great masses and beginning to demand freedom from tyranny of the super-powers, the super-wealthy, the entities who have quietly taken everything away while the people were asleep to what was going on. We wake up in many ways to our personal power.

There is a long way yet to go and little time. But, it is our consciousness, our wakefulness that will create the change we need- for every one of us to realize that what we do against one of us, we do to all of us. It is a radically new paradigm since we have always had many against others.It was a measure of power and greed. The new power is each one for all. This is the only way to survive and grow in all corners. All talents and skills are valuable.

It is for every being on this planet to fully understand that you do not have to deprive others to gain for yourself.Imagine a more giving, more caring society that is magnanimous, healed and happy. There will be no need for war. Peace is the only way. Let us choose to be fully aware and conscious. You really can be a hero and saviour in your own way. Let us use all available resources whether earth-bound or in the etheric.





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