We each have the capacity to save a moment, create a smile and open a new day for someone. Just as easily, we can darken the moment  if we are not awake and aware of our own heartbeat. It is awareness and being awake in every moment that carries us from a simple delight into bliss. Wakefulness is the surprise that brings us fully alive. It is available and a choice we make again and again.

We hope that you choose kindness, a smile. Choose to listen, to care, to lend a hand, give what we hope for ourselves. Choose dignity for all of humanity. Choose love and preservation of what sustains us. Choose memory and not forgetfulness. Choose touch, truth and beingness. Create a legacy of support; stand for goodness and peace.

How  do you say hello? Are you there in essence or have you left it under the bed? Where are you? In the heart is the seed of aliveness, of delight. Heart seeds are meant to be carried with us and scattered everywhere. When we open our hearts, we can flood the world with love. There is never too much.


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