Joy & Beauty

When have you last danced in the sunlight and sang songs of joy? We were not made to be serious in every moment. Play is life at its best. In play we are natural; we are  in essence, non-thinking and expressive.

We can always find a reason to smile; light begets more light. Get out and get away from mind which takes you into corners where you did not intend to go. Smile, sing, dance – activate happiness. Take responsibility for your own joy.

Give more and ask for less. Life is meant to flow both ways.In its ebb and flow, life creates and recreates. Clean out closets and make room for the new to enter your life. The tried is not always true.

Life wants us to step into its flow. Ask for a hug, give one. being a martyr is unbecoming. Beauty is asleep in the hearts of everyone. It stands up and stands out as purity, excellence and love. Beauty has its own energy patterns.Beauty sings and beauty cries. It is feeling, touching and sight.

Beauty is not always pretty. It is life-full. As we move through pain and see through a certain lens, it is beautiful. Perception defines our experience.



4 thoughts on “Joy & Beauty

  1. Louise Campbell says:

    Wonderful entry , Jeanne, heartfelt thanks . Yes, I know joy is my birthright but sometimes need reminding.
    The last line is precious.


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