How to Catch & Release Negativity

Life is about energetic connections, good or not so good. Let’s talk about connecting positively. Our energy travels and awakens a feeling in another. To pay attention to your own energy is to control what you are sending and ultimately, what is returned to you.

We control everything that we give our attention to. When we shine a light on our thinking, we illuminate our state(s) of mind. Negativity and self-pity cause one to look for the negative in all that is seen and heard.

It is wise to check in with the body-mind to let arise what is within us,determine where our negative thoughts have come from, observe them dispassionately and let them go. When we let them arise and we observe,they will fall away. Do not resist what arises. It is simply a memory with its energy attached. Observe and let go.It is important to recognize what arises without creating a long story around it.

Keeping a clear mind leaves us open to new thought rather than repetitive thinking from the past. New thought brings fresh and dynamic thinking. It brings growth and makes room for a change in perception. It can change everything. New thought can take us in new directions. Where do you want to go? All of this is within our power to change.

Thank you for reading my blog; as always this is just an excerpt from an article within a chapter. Next week, the topic is “Letting go of Fear”. For those of you who don’t know—all of these postings are taken from my channeled manuscript that is titled: Love  Is The Fabric of Creation”


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