Healing From Heartbreak

Heartbreak is central to our lives, to life in general. No one asks for it and yet, it holds deep and strong lessons for us all.

We believe that romantic love fills us.We feel ecstatic, fulfilled and overflowing with joy. However, if it is not rooted in mutual respect and knowing the fullness of each other, it can soon fall apart and disintegrate. Love that arises from unmet needs is not grounded. The roots of the relationship do not run deep. We need to experience the other in various life situations to know the depth of who they are.

We are gentle beings who have been damaged and torn apart, desperately wanting to hasten the healing process and believe that finding love will save us. We look to someone else to redeem our damaged soul.

Many people do not understand how pervasive the damage is within our heart, mind and even our physical bodies. We are deeply wounded and a band aid does not heal gaping wounds. Healing requires a specific diagnosis of the damage done with the commitment to explore the deeper source of one’s damage. It takes strong love to heal a heart; the healer and the wounded one need to be a good match for each other.

This deeply loving and painful process is the only way to bring us back to the fullness of who we are. Only then can we come back into our heart and regain our Self.



4 thoughts on “Healing From Heartbreak

  1. Linda Ann Campbell says:

    All so true Jeanne. Everyone goes through the up’s and down’s in life and we learn and grow in the process. Thinking of you, blessings, Linda Ann.


  2. Louise Campbell says:

    Well done and so true for all , but especially females who were were socialized to believe they were not whole/complete without a man .


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