This piece is taken from Chapter One: Opening to Higher Wisdom

Subtitle-Pain and Reward

We don’t want what we have but seek the new, the trivial and superficial. Nothing significant happens on the surface. Pain causes us to stretch, to seek answers and comfort. Comfort, on the other hand, brings stagnation. We wonder why we suffer and cannot move one foot in front of the other – immobilized by fear and seeking.

Inner and outer advancement requires a fall on our face, demands sacrifice of comfort and a willingness to walk into the unknown with faith and a clear mind. Rewards are rarely available to those who do not move into and,subsequently, out of the place in which they stand.Courage is required for growth. And, the longer we wait, the longer it takes to reach our destination. Burying our head in the sand leaves us blind and immobile.

Place your faith in facing truth. Take the vow to open your eyes and walk into the light of day. Greet reality, extend a hand to a neighbour and he will walk with you. Do not  turn away. It is all about experiencing what is within and in front of us. Life asks you to decide and act.If we stay awake, the path unfolds in front of us and we walk forward.


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