It is the people, not their words who change the world.

Humility can make a noisy knock on your door – an awakening to the One that runs the show. Humility seeks not to achieve but to serve through love and a lovely desire to share our gifts with simple being-ness. Know your own heart and share it with care. Be in thoughtful giving. Humility opens to the joyfully erotic call of life, with infinite kindness.

We do not deny the natural flow of seeing, the recognition of your own gift. A smiling thank you recognizes the ebb and flow of grace and choice. Seeing, receiving and recognition with an offering completes the circle.

Full. Round. Light. Love.


2 thoughts on “Humility

  1. Louise Campbell says:

    Thanks for sharing this thought provoking message. It is a timely reminder to slow down, stop over- reacting to this tumultuous world situation and endeavour to be more grounded and connected to what really matters.


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