Opening to Higher Wisdom

This piece is from the first chapter.

Here and now is the time and place for everything. The spirit needs nurturing, peaceful and loving attention. Let us be an open and loving channel for the guidance and wisdom of higher light beings.

Complacency is the biggest problem. You need to come alive, awaken to reality, make choices, find your niche, your particular purpose and accept guidance. Let love be the answer for everything. Let truth guide you in all ways. Stay open to love and loving messages.

The higher we vibrate, the more love and freedom is ours. Beauty is everywhere – unspeakable beauty. Get excited, listen diligently, raise yourself higher. Fearlessness is required to move  ahead. As your fear dissipates, you feel open and things move faster.

When we are in the eternal presence, the infinite present moment, all possibilities are available to us. The smallest parts of the human anatomy are of the same energetic matter as the field from which all things arise.




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