The Answer

A poem from my collection of “romantic poems ”

We have a love that is beyond time.
You are my chariot and when I ride with you
it is to the home of bliss, the place where
love is more powerful than time and fear.

You endure, live deeply within my soul
which accepts you as me, and I become
more of who I Am when I’m with you.
We have faced the sky and embraced
each other with tears in our eyes.

In each goodbye was the seed of our next Hello.
No matter the question, yes was the only answer.


4 thoughts on “The Answer

  1. darlene kent rodgers says:

    Hi!Jeannie….I have really enjoyed reading your beautifully written poems,there isn’t one I love more than the other…they all touch my heart,and make me think,and feel the words as if I am writting them myself..You are an incredible writer,Jeannie,thank you for uplifting me.


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