-From my 215 page manuscript titled Love-The Fabric of Creation

Chapter Five – All About Love

Hi Everyone … I’m back again and planning to post quotes from my manuscript on a more regular basis. I’m hoping that you  will offer a comment so that I can pass them on to a future publisher. In such a case, your comments will appear in the book!  Love dares you to drop your long-learned skill of hiding what you think will be judged and instead, allows you to be vulnerable without fear.

  • Love dares you to be in your essence, in the truth of who you are.
  • True love cannot be bent or broken because true love does not recede.It does not control or restrict in any way nor does love hide behind.
  • Love sees all and judges nothing; rather, love is all embracing and inclusive.
  • We can lose hope and close our heart but Love waits to be found again.
  • Love hurts and love heals but pain cannot remove love.
  • Love makes no apologies because love is never unkind. Love holds power within and does not hold power over.
  • There is a real and honest need for more love to be shared and to spread far, wide and deep, into the hearts of everyone.
  • Self-love is not selfish. Our needs will be met as we give more and more of ourselves-of our essence and true heart.

****Don’t forget to let me know what you think. There is so much more to share.

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