Soul Growth

Life is incredible when we look deeply and recognize the depth of awareness in ALL living things. Our instincts are stronger when we tune into them. The issue is that so many of us have tuned out and lost our sensitivity to life,whether another human or a caterpillar. Life is intended to be revered in all its forms. As we recognize the life around us, we honour our own.

As we nurture, so are we nurtured in return. Yet, it seems so common for humans to forget. They contract, live in fear and suffering when life is about opening, flow and acceptance. Gentleness is often forgotten and undervalued. We need to rethink the definition of winning,what it brings to us and at what cost. Let us consider what we truly value in this short life we have been given.

Empathy and kind acts bring deeper and more satisfying rewards. Let us look at what really satisfies our longings. It is more likely to be connections and sharing rather than collecting things.


2 thoughts on “Soul Growth

  1. Very well said Jeanne. And also I might add just relaxing into just “being” rather than “doing”. Just sitting and allowing nothingness to happen, letting what ever happens happen. In that time and space there’s a great surrendering, everything is right.
    Having more things is mostly due to people wanting to fill that gap inside that says I need this to make me feel good, happy or whatever it creates in that moment and time.
    Here we are in the most interesting yet challenging times and everything presented to us will either create more compassion and empathy or create more fear and separation. The emotions will either be explosive and filled with rage or filled with deep understanding towards all living things.
    Thanks for sharing your blog and thoughts, it’s wonderful.


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