Today is New

Source: Today is New

The following is from the manuscript titled: Love-The Fabric of Creation and specifically from the chapter, Creating New Worlds. It is an excerpt from the sub-title, A Renewal of Human Potential.

Power is not a negative word when it is used with love and for the creation of new worlds with goodness and light. New worlds have always needed leaders to initiate and moderate. It is not about control but of movement forward and guidance given.

New worlds need love at their core. Everyone has a useful and creative purpose designed to excite you and carry you forward. Imagine a world where everyone thrives and works diligently in joy. These workers coordinate and develop with the highest intention and good for all. We were created to bring our talent and natural abilities forward.

We can flourish or be destroyed. What we do for or against another, we do to our self. We can no longer afford to live as though what we do with and to others does not affect the whole. It does. Nothing is separate from the other. That is the design of our universe-vast, intricate and brilliant beyond our understanding. Perhaps it is our humanity that we most neglect and take for granted. What we each create or destroy is what will be returned to us.

Utility is not a valued service without humanity, without a human touch, without heart and love.





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