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Hello everyone,

This is an excerpt from the Chapter, Creating New Worlds. This sub-title is Transitioning to New Worlds.

“As many of you know, everything is energy, patterns of vibration.You often speak of what resonates with you, such as certain words of a song, sounds of the ocean and the presence of an animal.

We respond consciously and unconsciously to many situations and people, but the more we respond with full consciousness, the more our world expands. It becomes deeper and richer. Our world within can take us to many worlds of full awareness. Curtains begin to open. Light shines and all things are alive and vibrating.Life has so much to teach us.New worlds will require an adjustment and transition and we should be preparing right now for the changes to come. It will truly be new worlds opening – in the way we live on earth and the opening to life on other planets.

There are more universes than most of us are prepared to face. If we refuse to open more to other worlds, we will be at a very serious disadvantage.There is so much to learn about our inner technology.We have far greater abilities than we are ready to open up to.


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